Heather Caulkins is the happily married and proud mother of 2 daughters, Reilee and Aidyn, ages 23 and 17. She has been working and mentoring with John Fisher, founder and owner of LifeCo Insurance Services & Retirement Planning, Inc., since 2014. She is a registered member of the National Ethics Association, which is an important distinction as it requires the practice of strict ethical standards.

Heather’s main objective is that of helping clients protect their hard-earned retirement dollars and the future of their families. She strives to eliminate as much confusion as possible for clients and to aid them in achieving a stress-free retirement.

The entire staff at LifeCo insurance Services & Retirement Planning, Inc., is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of client service in the area of retirement planning and asset protection by utilizing insurance products. Our offices are located in Vacaville and Sacramento.


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